Monday, July 14, 2008


So we have uprooted ourselves and moved halfway across the country, now residing in Oklahoma. Talk about culture shock.

The move went really well, considering how badly it was going leading up to it. That was part of why I wasn't posting, because everything I had to say was negative or whining. No one needs to hear that shit.

So 3 weeks of packing, 3 loooooooong days of driving, and here we are in North central OK. The kids did great on the drive, and the cat did too amazingly enough. Though I did get bit twice, but we figured out the problem behind that and fixed it.

So now we are here three weeks and unpacked and pretty much settled. Shannon has a job already but it looks like I may be doing the whole stay at home thing for a couple years, until Little is in school. Of course, the might not hire the insane when I am at that point.

I miss California of course, for various reasons. Lived there a long time and got to enjoy certain comforts. Not going to find the same things here as there. I'll get used to it, and will probably work on getting care packages sent if I can, hehehe.

Now this will sound stupid of course, because honestly, what are the odds, but I'm kinda bummed I never got to meet any of the California bloggers that I enjoy. It may have never happened but when I was still there there was at least a chance.

So there we are. That is what is up. I'm hoping to be writing a lot more now, because dayamn, I am going to have shit to talk about now. I'm tempted to start a new blog chronicling my adjustment but I'll just do it here I think.

Not that it relates but new pictures are up here.


Anonymous Janea/Hannah Jeffries said...

Sooo glad to hear from you. I know, I suck cause I'm not blogging. :/ whoda thunk I'd become so busy being a fake person that's a high level executive and co-owner of a business on Second Life? ::shrugs:: Me?? Them peoples are CRAZY for wanting me! LOL I'm going to add the url for my SLProfile here just for shits and giggles. Maybe I'll get you hooked? ::chuckles:: Prolly not, but you can still look at my profile. ::Hugs:: Now you're an Oakie!

9:17 AM  
Anonymous mikey said...

So, how far are you from Muskogee? Heh.

I'll bet the culture shock only gets better the longer you're there. Just make sure to watch out for tornadoes.

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Pischina said...

Well Jeez Louise, I didn't know you were moving!!! to... uhhh... Oklahoma... hahahha. I will try to keep up better, but I do appreciate all your kind words. I was just sitting here trying to plan a vacation - maybe one day we'll get out to Oklahoma! you never know!

3:24 PM  
Anonymous chip said...

Howdy from down below... Texas, that is. Not hell.

Just wanted to make that clear. =)

6:46 AM  

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