Sunday, April 13, 2008

One Armed Wonder

Okay, as promised, here I am. Sitting here in my recliner, typing this up on my laptop. Oh yes, I have a laptop now. It is ancient but it serves my purposes perfectly, mainly, getting on the net and chatting from the comfort of the living room. It really made recovery easier after the surgery, as far as being comfortable, and being smaller, typing was/is easier, and having a touch pad, didn't have to mess with a mouse using my wrong hand.

Yes surgery was had but not on the 4th of March like it was supposed to be. I only just had it, April 1st. No things got jacked up because of the flu. It completely and utterly ravaged this family. Little got it first for 4-5 days, followed by Shannon for 6-8 days, and taking care of them, well, you just knew I couldn't possibly be that lucky. So yeah, it kicked my ass too. 3 days before my surgery.

But nooooo, that couldn't possibly be enough. I was kept awake one night by not being able to breathe, after I got over being sick. Called in the next morning but couldn't get in, so had to go to Urgent Care. I was told good thing I did, because apparently I was having a massive asthma attack. She said my lungs were about sealed shut. Thank you, thank you, I don't do things half assed. It was/seems to have been a temporary thing, as I am fine now.

So then finally had the surgery, and here I am. Recovery has gone remarkably well. I was off pain pills 3 days after the surgery. I have Percocet for days now, woot. I have a 5 inch Frankenstein scar with staples down my arm. The Dr was cool and went around my tattoo. I have little strenght still, but my range of motion has increased hugely, and I only just started PT on Friday. Hopefully this will go quickly as I have a DisneyLand trip in 3 weeks and we are moving mid-June.

Tje girls are doing awesome. Little gets bigger by the day and already being a handful, that grows exponentially now. Munchkin is loving the hell out of Kindergarten, and doing quite well at it. She got pretty much all A's her last report card. She is reading now as well. I don't mean she knows some words, she is flat out reading. From my limited expedience as an aide in first grade, I'd say she is definitely reading at that level. I'm seriously proud of her.

So there we go, all the news that is fit to print.


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